Studio 24 News

The feature A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence is currently in production for a spring 2014 premiere. Studio 24 related production photos and news will be posted on this page as production progresses.

Post Production: Final sound mix in Stockholm, Studio 24 Mix

Hani Jazzar and Robert Hefter talking about the music.

Gorm Sundberg
Owe Svensson
Roy Andersson

Post Production: Colour Grading in Germany

Colour Grading in Germany with Dirk Meier, Colorist, and Niko Remus, Post Production Supervisor.

Dirk Meier, Johan and Roy in the grading suite.

Colour Grading with Dirk Meier.

Post Production: Claes Lundberg, Foley Artist

Working With the Final Scene Part 2, February 2014



Nicklas & Isabel

Gergö, Sandra and Nicklas

Gergö and Ulf

Love and Roy

Gergö and Isabel

Ulf, Julia, Pernilla, Sandra and Roy

Working With the Final Scene Part 1, January 2014



Johan, Holger & Julia in the set 


On the set 

Julia fixing the props 

Love & István 


Sandra & Isabel 

Fixing Holger’s costume 


Jane & Roy

Shooting the scene “Försoningen/The Reconciliation”, November 2013

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