Saturday October 5th

Production year 1968 • Length 48 min.

In 1968, Roy Andersson made his third student project at the Film School, Saturday October 5th. Using the type of loosely connected story-telling structure that is later found in A Swedish Love Story, the film follows a young man during 24 hours and relates his relationship to his mother, his girlfriend and his friends.

To Fetch a Bike

Production year 1967 • Length 17 min.

During the second term at the Film School, Roy Andersson made the student film To Fetch a Bike, a moving colour film that in somewhat sketchy scenes describes the morning activities of a tentative young pair of lovers.

Visiting One’s Son

Production year 1967 • Length 9 min.

As a student at the Film School, Roy Andersson debuted in 1967 with the black and white short film Visiting One’s Son, an insightful account of how a young man receives a visit from his parents in his student flat.