I’m happy to hear that you’re doing fine

Production year 2015

In the spring of 2015, Gävle Art Centre exhibited a retrospective of Roy Andersson cinematographic art. The exhibition I’m happy to hear that you’re doing fine focused primarily on material from the production of the recently completed Trilogy about being human. The exhibition was produced by Gävle Art Centre and Studio 24.
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Sweden and The Holocaust

Production years 2006–2009

On November 9th, 2006, Forum för levande historia opened the exhibition Sweden and the Holocaust in their building on Stora Nygatan in the old town of Stockholm. The ambition of the exhibition is to to the greatest extent possible make the Holocaust comprehensible, to show that is not a thing to be surprised about. That it was a logical consequence, that it was the result of value standards the foundations of which had been laid and that had been developed far earlier – to a great degree with the kindly disposed participation of Sweden. The exhibition demonstrates a broad spectrum of factors that led to the Holocaust and also gives examples of such factors, value standards, that have flourished in Sweden long after the Second World War.
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