A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

Production year 2014 • Length 100 min.

Like modern times’ Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Sam and Jonathan, two travelling salesmen peddling novelty items, take us on a kaleidoscopic wandering through human destinies. A trip that shows us the beauty of single moments, the pettiness of others, the humour and tragedy that is in us, life’s grandeur as well as frailty of humanity. Visit the films’ site >

You, the Living

Production year 2007 • Length 94 min.

You, the Living is a film about man’s existence, about the doings of man, about man’s behaviour, about man’s ponderings, about man’s concerns, about man’s dreams, about man’s sorrow, about man’s joy and about man’s inexhaustible longing for validation and love.

Songs From the Second Floor

Production year 2000 • Length 94 min.

One evening, somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, a series of dramatic events takes place: an office worker is fired in a demeaning way, a lost immigrant is violently attacked in a busy street, a magician fails at a magical trick. In the middle of this devastation stands Karl, covered in soot from his furniture store, which he has himself burnt down for the insurance money. A lot of people find it hard to sleep that night...


Production year 1975 • Length 130 min.

A young man who has not found his place in life takes temporary employment as a waiter at a dilapidated hotel. The film relates the relationships between the hotel’s employees, but chiefly the relationship between the young man named Giliap and the beautiful Anna. A relationship that Giliap in his awkwardness is unable to develop.

A Swedish Love Story

Production year 1970 • Length 114 min.

A Swedish Love Story relates the love between the two young people Annika and Pär. The film describes all the uncertainty, fear, tenderness and joy the two experience together. All the while in the background there is the reality of the parents, the lost generation of the welfare society. Their solitary dreams of the future have been lost in everyday routine at the car repair shop and the refrigerator agency.