Our Times’ Fear of Seriousness

Production years 1995/2009

Our Times’ Fear of Seriousness is now available in a new revised, complemented edition. The book was originally published in two turns, in 1995 and 1997, by the magazine of the Gothenburg Film Festival, Filmkonst. In addition to the original text, the article Människan och rummet, originally published in the architecture magazine Forum, an open letter to Swedish public television’s cultural news program, Kulturnyheterna, and selected parts of the exhibition Sweden and the Holocaust, 100 pages of new material in total.
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Successful Freezing of Mr. Moro

Production year 1992

Successful Freezing of Mr. Moro was a project commissioned by the County Council of Stockholm to increase interest in education in healthcare, which was losing applicants every year. The attitude among young people towards the program had become that it was for those with lower grades. It was obvious that this was a problem that needed to be solved, as the need of healthcare personnel was predicted to increase within a couple of years. The title of the project derives from a picture of a neatly dressed man frozen in a large block of ice that Roy Andersson had seen in a book of photos. The caption stated “Mr. Moro successfully frozen in a cake of ice”.
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