World of Glory

Production year 1990 • Length 16 min.

A group of gentlemen and ladies stand around a lorry in an open place at the outskirts of a city. Naked men, women and children are herded in through the rear door of the lorry. When the door has been locked, one of the gentlemen takes a hose and connects it from the exhaust pipe to the interior of the lorry. Then the lorry drives around in circles in the open place. A middle-aged man in the foreground turns to face us in the audience...

Something Happened

Production year 1987 • Length 24 min.

In 1986, Roy Andersson received an inquiry from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare on making a film about AIDS. He accepted the assignment after some hesitation. The film was to be informative and above all energising, stimulate debate and interest in absorbing information on the subject. Not least, it was to counteract conditions of panic and anguish. Read more: The Scientist and Our Time (pdf-format)